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Introductory Course (3 credit hours) – Required

All students in the CHS program must complete the Introductory Course. It is offered on a bi-annual basis in the Spring Semester at the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. It will next be offered in Spring 2017. Enrollment in this course is currently offered through the University of Missouri-Kansas City only.

Students are required to begin their Certificate with the introductory course. Students who begin the certificate during a semester in which the course is not offered may petition for an exception through their academic advisers.

Capstone Project (3 credit hours) – Required

All students in the CHS program must complete a capstone project with their academic adviser. It is offered on an individual basis through your certificate granting university.

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

The following courses have been pre-approved as transferable courses for the Certificate in Holocaust Studies. Additional courses may be approved by the program coordinator and the executive committee. Students are responsible for determining which courses are offered at a given University in a specific semester.

To complete the Certificate students must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours designated as CORE COURSEWORK. A maximum of 6 credit hours designated as CONTRACT COURSEWORK will be accepted toward completion of the certificate. Click here for Certificate Course Contract

Avila University

Not currently available



HI 365. The German Fatherland
HI 366. The Spectre of Nazism
HI 371. The Holocaust
PL-IS 358. Violence
EN 466 Red Hot Rhetoric


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Kansas City Art Institue

History 3000 Topics in Art as History: Film & the Holocaust
History 3701 Topics in Gender Studies: Gendering the Holocaust
Literature 3408 Topics in Narrative: Literature and Art of the Holocaust


History 3009 Topics in Art as History: Prints of Persuasion
History 3100 Topics in American Studies: World War II—Global Conflict

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Park University

Not currently available


Public Affairs 509: Leadership Development and Organizations
Public Affairs 512: The Environment of Public Organizations
Public Affairs 521: Business, Government and Society
Public Affairs 542: Social Policy
Public Affairs 563: Personnel Systems of Public Organizations
Public Affairs 600: Ethical Foundations of Authority and Responsibility
Public Affairs 602: Seminar in Public Affairs

History 332: World War II
Liberal Education 300: Seminar in Integrative and Interdisciplinary Thinking (Cowley)
Public Affairs 330: Public Administration
Public Affairs 333: Public Management and Leadership
Public Affairs 345: Media and Public Administration
Political Science 344: War and Terrorism
Psychology 361: Cross-Cultural Psychology
Sociology 451: Advanced Social Psychology
Sociology 326: Sociology of Conflict, War and Terror
Sociology 328: Sociology of Religion

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University of Missouri - Kansas City

History 536 Modern German History: 1890-1990
History 5537 Nazi Germany
History 5577R Modern Jewish History
History 5578R The Holocaust And The State Of Israel



Education Leadership 5602: Seminar in the History of Urban Education
French 5553: Resistance, Lyon Exchange Program (**approved semesters only**)
History 437AWI Imperial Germanies, 1848-1918
History 37BWI First German Republics, 1917-1935
History 437DWI Cold War Germanies, 1941-1991
History 5501A Religion in America
History 5511 Medieval Civilization I
History 5512 Medieval Civilization II
History 5514 Reformation
History 5515B 17th and 18th Century European History
History 5517 19th Century European History
History 5518 20th Century European History
History 5519 Contemporary European History: 1950-2000
History 5544 Islam and the Arabs: The Formative Period
History 5545 The Ottoman Empire in the Middle East To World War I
History 5546 The Middle East from World War I To The Present
History 5575R The History Of Ancient Israel
History 5576R Medieval Jewish History
History 5584R Colloquium in European History I (topic specific)
History 5585 Colloquium in European History II (topic specific)
History 5585GR Colloquium in U.S. History (topic specific)
History 5586GR Colloquium in World History (topic specific)
Philosophy 5321: Ethics
Political Science (CURRENTLY 5580: Special Studies): Political Violence and Terrorism
Sociology 5501: Social Theory I

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