Anne Frank in the 21st Century 

March 14, 2018
7 p.m. Social Hall Jewish Community Campus

More than 70 years ago, before the end of WW2, a young girl died in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Two years later her diary was published and now she is one of the most famous icons of the Holocaust. Or maybe she is an icon of more than the Holocaust alone; an icon of injustice, racism and prejudice. The image of Anne has changed over the decades, but the place where she has written her famous diary attracts more than 1 million visitors a year. And who owns Anne Frank? I think we all do as we have all our own vision of her.

David Barnouw is an independent scholar and emeritus researcher and former director of communications at the Dutch Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies. He has written more than fifteen books and dozens of articles on World War II subjects.

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