Portrait 2000

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Fifty black and white framed portrait photographs of Holocaust refugees and survivors who settled in the Greater Kansas City area, each portrait accompanied by a narrative profile describing the individual’s pre-Holocaust life and ultimate journey to Kansas City; good for school and community groups. This exhibit is the basis of From the Heart: Life Before and After the Holocaust – A Mosaic of Memories (link to Store), published by the Kansas City Star Books and available for sale through the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education.

The exhibit, funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City, illustrates Jewish life in Europe prior to World War II and documents personal stories of resettlement and resilience by those whose world, as they once knew it, was destroyed by the Nazis. Photography was contributed by Gloria Baker Feinstein and David Sosland.

By emphasizing on the pre-war and post-war experiences of this population of witnesses – most of whom were teenagers or younger during the war years – rather than on the atrocities they suffered, “Portrait 2000” personalizes the overwhelming scope of the Holocaust, focusing on the beauty of the culture that was lost – the traditions it sustained, the values it taught, and the strength it provided – and the heroic resources that enabled its survivors to cope with personal dilemmas and rebuild their lives after World War II. In this way, “Portrait 2000” allows all of us to reclaim an era that affects more than just Holocaust survivors and their descendants and to connect personally with those who lived through it, teaching us about this inspiring immigrant group and their contributions to our Greater Kansas City community.

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