April 4- May 31

Central Library- 14 West 10 Street Kansas City Missouri

Faced with overwhelming obstacles, Jews and others in occupied Europe sought to resist Nazi policy in various ways; some took up arms in uprisings in ghettos and camps, others performed more social acts to preserve community and create a record of their experiences. Faye Schulman is one such remarkable example.

During World War II, approximately 30,000 Jews escaped ghettos and work camps and formed organized armed resistance groups known as partisans. Despite the odds, women were also able to join the partisans. Their work ranged from domestic duties such as cleaning, cooking and nursing to reconnaissance and weapons transport, as well as armed combat. Women made up approximately 10% of the partisans.  Born in Poland in 1924, Schulman received her first camera from her brother when she was 13. That camera ultimately saved her life and allowed her to later document Jewish partisan activity. She is one of the only known Jewish partisan photographers. Schulman’s rare collection of images captures the camaraderie, horror and loss, bravery and triumph of the rag-tag, tough partisan—some Jewish, some not—who fought the Germans and their collaborators.

Pictures of Resistance: The Wartime Photography of Jewish Partisan Faye Schulman is a traveling exhibition produced by the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation. It poses probing questions about this incredible woman and the people whose images she documented. The exhibit will be on display from April 4, 2019, to May 31, 2020 at the Kansas City Public Library Central Branch.

Exhibit Programs

April 22- 6:30pm, Reception 6pm- Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust, presented by Jonathan Furst, of Jewish Parisian Educational Foundation. Central Library

April 23- 4:30pm- Workshop for Teachers- Partisan Resistance, presented by Jonathan Furst, of Jewish Parisian Educational Foundation. Central Library

April 29- 6:30pm, Daring to Resist: Three Women Face the Holocaust. Plaza Branch and part of MCHE’s Free Film Series RESIST

May 14- 6:30pm, Gender and the Holocaust, presented by Shelly Cline of the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. Central Library

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