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Kansas City Public Library~ Plaza Branch
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The White Theatre
Jewish Community Campus
5801 West 115th Street
Overland Park, Kansas

Faced with overwhelming obstacles, Jews and others in occupied Europe sought to resist Nazi policy in various ways; some took up arms in uprisings in ghettos and camps, others performed more social acts to preserve community and create a record of their experiences. This year’s series explores these different paths of resistance.

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Ghetto Uprising: The Untold Story- January 22
6:30 pm- Kansas City Public Library Plaza Branch

On the eve of Passover, April 19, 1943, heavily equipped German forces entered the Warsaw ghetto. Against them stood an army of a few hundred young Jewish men and women, armed with pistols and Molotov cocktails. Who were these Jewish fighters who dared oppose the armed might of the SS troops? The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising has become a symbol of heroism throughout the world. Despite that, the generally accepted account of the Uprising is incomplete. The truth is that among the uprising fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a group that was not granted commemoration. The story of those fighters disappeared from history books and their place in the myth of heroism during the Holocaust was omitted. How did it happen? Were political and ideological reasons behind this disappearance?

(Running time: 61 minutes, Hebrew and English with English subtitles, 2017)


Escape from Sobibor- February 19
6:30 pm The White Theatre at the Jewish Community Campus

During the height of World War II, members of a resistance movement within Sobibor attempt a daring uprising and escape. As the underground group devise a plan, they must contend with Nazi officers, Ukranian guards and the realization that anyone apprehended will be killed. Initially plotting for a few people to escape, they eventually decide that all 600 prisoners must break out.

(Running time: 121 minutes, English, 1987)


We regret to inform you that this event has been canceled due to the public health concern. 

CANCELED- Sophie Scholl: The Final Days- March 18
6:30 pm The White Theatre at the Jewish Community Campus

In 1943, as Hitler continues to wage war across Europe, a group of college students mount an underground resistance movement in Munich. They call themselves the White Rose. One of its few female members, Sophie Scholl, is captured during a dangerous mission to distribute pamphlets on campus with her brother Hans. Unwavering in her convictions and loyalty to the White Rose, her cross-examination by the Gestapo quickly escalates into a searing test of wills as Scholl delivers a passionate call to freedom and personal responsibility that is both haunting and timeless.

(Running time: 117 minutes, German with English subtitles, 2005)


Daring to Resist: Three Women Face the Holocaust- April 29
6:30 pm Kansas City Public Library Plaza Branch

Why would a young person choose resistance during Hitler’s reign of terror while her world was collapsing around her? In this gripping documentary, three Jewish women answer this question by recalling their lives as teenagers in occupied Holland, Hungary and Poland. Defying her family’s wishes, each woman found an unexpected way of fighting back–as a ballet dancer shuttling Jews to safe houses and distributing resistance newspapers; as a leader in an underground Zionist group smuggling Jews across the border, and as a photographer and partisan (Faye Schulman) waging guerrilla war against the Germans.

(Running time: 59 minutes, English, 1999)

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