Wednesdays March 4- April 1, 2020
12-1:30 p.m.


Multi-Activity Room
Jewish Community Campus
5801 West 115th Street
Overland Park, Kansas


Antisemitism is an adaptive and resilient form of hate and discrimination, this five-week course will trace its roots and trajectory from the middle ages to the present day. Offered by MCHE’s Historian and Director of Education Dr. Shelly Cline, sessions will be held at noon at the Jewish Community Campus and will last 90 minutes.

The cost for this course is $50. Interested participants may register online or by phone 913-327-8194. Participants are encouraged bring a lunch, drinks and dessert will be provided.




March 4- Christian Antipathy: Expressions in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

This session will look at early expressions of antisemitism that were motivated by Christian antipathy toward Jews. This will include depictions of the Jews as “Christ killers,” of accusations of blood libel and host desecration.


March 11- 19th Century: Decline of Religious Antipathy, Rise of Racial Antisemitism  

The 19th century was a time of great economic, social, political, and scientific change. And although the time period saw many positive changes for Jews and an expansion of legal rights in many countries, it also saw the birth of new forms of antisemitism. This session will look at the emergence of racial antisemitism fueled by the pseudo-scientific beliefs of the 19th century. It will also explore ties between globalization, capitalism and the rise of economically based antisemitism.


POSTPONED- March 18- Nazis Antisemitism

The session will look at the ways Nazis built on previously existing forms of antisemitism, and the new methods escalation they employed.


POSTPONED – March 25- “New Antisemitism”

This session will look at post-Holocaust forms of antisemitism that manifest as opposition to Zionism and the criticism of the state of Israel. This session will look at expressions of antisemitism found in the US and also around the world.


April 1- History on Trial: A Case Study in Holocaust Denial

Antisemitism is always at the root of Holocaust denial. Denial itself takes more forms. This session will use the Deborah Lipstadt’s book History on Trial as a case study to explore denial. Materials for all other sessions will be provided, however, participants will need to acquire their own copy of History on Trial for this session.

This program is supported, in part, by a grant from
the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City.

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