Wednesdays March 6- April 3 2019
12-1:15 p.m.


Multi-Activity Room
Jewish Community Campus
5801 West 115th Street
Overland Park, Kansas


This spring MCHE’s Historian Dr. Shelly Cline will offer a five-week course focused on the experience of Jewish victims, other victims, bystanders, collaborators, and perpetrators. Each week will look at a different group.

The cost for this course is $50. Interested participants may register here online or by phone 913-327-8194. Participants are encouraged bring a lunch, drinks and dessert will be provided.


March 6- Jewish Victims

This session will look at the variety of Jewish experiences in the Holocaust, including ghettos, concentration camps, and hiding experiences.


March 13- Non-Jewish Victims

This session will examine the experience and responses of non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It will include the experiences of Jehovah’s Witness, homosexuals, Soviet POWs, Roma and Sinti, and the disabled.


March 20- Bystanders

The experience of these individuals reminds us that sometimes harm can be caused by inaction as well as direct action. This session will look at bystanders across Europe from those who purchased their neighbors’ property after they were deported to those who watched shooting actions in the East.


March 20 – Collaborators

This session will look at those actively worked with the Nazis, including those that did so for personal and political gain.


April 3- Perpetrators

This session will look at multiple levels of perpetrators from those in bureaucratic, administrative roles, to those on the front lines in camps and shooting actions.

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