Alice Hony was born in Hilchenbach, Germany in December 1934.  Her family operated a slaughter house and retail meat market.  By 1937 Alice’s parents believed that Hitler and the Nazis could become a threat to their lives, so they contacted American relatives and began to prepare to emigrate.

In 1938 we her family left for America, Alice’s grandfather refused to come – preferring to stay in his home country where he could speak the language.  The family made their way to New York, living with an uncle who had immigrated earlier.

After having difficulty finding work, in 1940 Alice’s parents moved the family to Kansas City to purchase a meat market. Alice attended Kansas City schools and graduated from the University of Missouri. She later met and married Tom Lewinsohn, a fellow German survivor.

  • This survivor does not have recorded testimony available.
Alice Lewinsohn Photo Gallery

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