Thursday, April 23rd 4:00 – 7:30 PM

Kansas City Public Library 14 W. 10th Street Kansas City, Missouri

Learn to teach about the resistance of the Jewish partisans and of the Warsaw Ghetto fighters. Engage and galvanize students by teaching about the 30,000 Jews, many of them teenagers, who fought back against the Nazis and their collaborators as partisans. Inspire students with the true story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the most significant act of armed Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.

Introduction to the Jewish Partisans Learn to teach about the 30,000 Jewish partisans, many of them teens, who fought back in armed resistance in the forests and mountains of Nazi-occupied Europe. Explore partisan life and survival and examine the many ways the Jews resisted. Uprising Uprising provides students historical context about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and poses important questions about human behavior. Students confront the idea that histories are not inevitable but are possible because individuals, groups, and nations make decisions to act or not to act. Using clips from the film of the same name, students explore questions of honor and responsibility.

Workshop presenter Jonathan Furst, specializes in Holocaust education and professional development training. He has worked as JPEF’s Manager of Education for more than 10 years. Teachers will be provided with: • Teacher guides and lesson plans • Feature length film Uprising, directed by Jon Avnet • Fighting Back: Armed Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust, JPEF’s Educator Toolkit containing its 12 documentary films and links to all lesson plans and study guides.

Cost of registration is $10. Dinner will be provided.

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