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Document Based Question on Resistance in the Holocaust and Rwanda

January 13, 2021

Dianne O'BryanBlue Valley High School Grade LevelHigh School SubjectSocial StudiesLanguage Arts/Reading Time NeededBased on teacher use IntroductionA Document Based Question is something that students in high school Advanced Placement classes do as a part of the curriculum and a part of the AP exam at the end of the year. This DBQ is designed to allow a teacher to work on the skills associated with a DBQ while at the same time helping students to learn more about resistance during the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide. Skills students will enhanceReadingAnalysis of primary and secondary sourcesCritical thinkingIdentifying similarities and differences between…

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Children’s Genocide Diaries – Sierakowiak and Zlata’s Diaries

January 13, 2021

Jean RuhlSt. Regis SchoolKansas City, Missouri IntroductionThrough the ages, people have kept diaries as a record of the daily events in their lives. A diary allows the writer to express feelings and thoughts about personal life experiences. From the following lesson plan, students will explore two young diarists living more than 50 years apart, yet their lives are connected by their shared experiences of war. This lesson is designed to enhance the student’s understanding of the diaries of Dawid Sierakowiak who lived in the Lodz ghetto in Poland during World War II and Zlata Filipovic, who lived during the Bosnian…

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Children of Genocide: Communicating Through Art

January 13, 2021

Cathy Blake Retired from Yeokum Middle School Belton, Missouri  Grade Level 7th-12th grade Subject Language Arts Social Studies  Time Needed Recommend at least 3 class period Introduction This lesson is designed to help students view/analyze the art created by the children in Theresienstadt during the Holocaust (the vast majority of whom did not survive) and child survivors of the genocide in Darfur. Using the artwork shown in I Never Saw Another Butterfly and the exhibit entitled Smallest Witnesses, students will use critical thinking and research skills to compare/contrast the subjects, themes, artistic characteristics, and experiences portrayed in the artwork.  A…

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Bystanders in the Holocaust and Rwanda

January 13, 2021

Christopher BobalLee's Summit High SchoolLee's Summit, Missouri Grade Level7th-12th grade SubjectLanguage ArtsSocial Studies Time Needed3 class periods IntroductionOften overlooked by teachers, in the study of genocides, is the role of the bystanders. Information is more readily available on the acts committed by the perpetrators and even the victims, especially the survivors. However, bystanders can be found in all genocides and they play a key role. Without them the perpetrators would find it harder to commit the atrocities. For comparative purposes this lesson considers bystanders in the Holocaust and in Rwanda. Students will explore who is a bystander as well as…

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