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Michael Rothstein

January 14, 2021

Michael Rothstein
From The Heart ProfileTranscript of Audio Testimony Arad, Yitzhak, Shmuel Krakowski, Shmuel Spector, and Stella Schossberger. The Einsatzgruppen Reports: Selections from the Dispatches of the Nazi Death Squads’ Campaign against the Jews, July 1941-January 1943.Ban on Births in the Shavli GhettoBibliography of books regarding Lithuania and the HolocaustBlack, Peter. “Forced Labor in the Concentration Camps, 1942-1944.” In A Mosaic of Victims: Non-Jews Persecuted and Murdered by the Nazis, edited by Michael Berenbaum, 46-63.DachauDachauDachau Concentration Camp Memorial SiteDeath MarchesEinsatzgruppenEinsatzgruppen A – Mass Murder in LithuaniaEinsatzgruppen (Mobile Killing Squads)Einsatzgruppen TrialsForced LaborForced and Slave Labor in Nazi-Dominated EuropeJäger Report – Mass Murder of Lithuania’s JewsJewish…

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