Ruthie Research Grant

Ruthie Abend Krigel Tivol was born in Dubienka, Poland in 1929. In December 1938, Ruthie, along with her sister and mother, joined her father who had traveled to the United States several years earlier to work to bring his family to Kansas City.  Ruthie always understood how fortunate her family was to escape WWII and the Holocaust. She never forgot those who were left behind.

As an ardent supporter of MCHE, Ruthie provided sustaining support for MCHE in the form of a legacy gift – part of which has been designated as the Ruthie Tivol Graduate Research Fund. This fund will support an annual grant, available to young scholars through an application process.  Graduate students researching the Holocaust and related history may apply for a grant of $500-$1,000 to support their research costs.  Upon completion of their research, they will make a public presentation based on their research in the Kansas City community.

  1. Be a graduate student in excellent standing at your university. Be working on a Holocaust related research topic.
  2. be working on a Holocaust related research topic.
  1. Complete all travel within twelve months of the date of the award.
  2. Give a public talk to the MCHE community within twelve months of completing travel.
  1. Complete the application form by April 1, 2024.
  2. Upload the following materials as 3 separate PDF files:
    1. Curriculum Vitae, not to exceed two pages.
    2. Project Description not to exceed four double-spaced pages. Describe your project and the contribution it will make to your field. Detail your proposed travel plans, including, destination, dates, and a projected budget.
    3. Bibliography not to exceed 2 pages, singled-spaced.

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