Board of Directors and Council of Advocates

Board of Directors

Board President

Steven E. Cole

Immediate Past President

Karl Zobrist

Vice Presidents

Robynn Andracsek
Stacy Benson
Jackie Hermanson
Rita Sudhalter


Brian Goodman


Stewart Stein

Assistant Treasurer

Dr. Lowell Tilzer


Professor Andrew Stuart Bergerson
Susan Bernstein
Debbie Coe
Alan Edelman
Reggie Fink
Dr. Kurt Graham
Dr. Allen Gutovitz
Dr. Mirra Klausner
Rosanne Rosen
David Sosland
Marvin Szneler
Bill Tammeus
Chuck Udell

Council of Presidents

Mark P. Adams
Steve Chick*
Hon. Arthur B. Federman
Steve Flekier
Karen M. Herman
Joyce E. Hess
William B. Kort
Gayle P. Krigel
Colleen M. Ligibel
Carol Sader
Dr. Blanche E. Sosland

Directors Emeriti

Maria Devinki*
Isak Federman*
Jack Mandelbaum

*Of Blessed Memory

Council of Advocates

Lucinda Adams
Felice Azorsky
Christopher Bobal
Dr. Ray Doswell
Beatrice Fine
Clinton Gillom
Jane Girson

Janey Goodman
Tracie Holley
Kate Kingston
Bill Kriege
Dr. John McKinney
Mary Ann Meeks
Marcy Nelson

Councilwoman Melissa Robinson
Erika Showalter
Dr. Ron Slepitza
David Von Drehle
Stefanie Williams
Dr. Loren Whittaker
Ed Wilson

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