Liberation and Beyond: Postwar journeys of the Sh’erit ha-Pletah

For those who survived the Holocaust, liberation was a complicated event. It marked the end of their physical imprisonment, but the impact of the Holocaust on their lives was far from over. This five-week course will chart the journey of this surviving remnant as they began to rebuild their lives and families. Topics include: end of the war, liberation, displaced persons camps and leaving Europe.

October 26/27- Zero Hour: End of War

This introductory week will look at the conditions in Europe as the war came to an end.

November 2/3 Liberation

For those that survived the moment of liberation was euphoric, but that was quickly replaced by complex feelings of grief and loss. This session will look at the process of liberation and the complications of its aftermath.

November 9/10- Return to Life: Displaced Persons Camps

Following the war millions were left homeless and stateless. This session will look at the experience of Holocaust survivors as they began to rebuild their lives.

November 16/17- Leaving Europe

For most survivors life in Europe was no longer and option, most sought to immigrate to the US or Israel. This session will look at the process of leaving Europe and beginning lives in America. We will pay particular attention to those who came to our Kansas City community.

November 30/December 1- – The Last Million

We will conclude this course with a discussion of David Nasaw’s book The Last Million: From World War to Cold War

This is the fifth and final meeting of the Fall 2022 Lunch & Learn

In-Person Course

Thursdays 12:00 – 1:15 p.m.
October 26 – November 30, 2023
No Class November 23rd.
Sessions will be held in person in the Board Room of the Jewish Community Center
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Online Course

On Zoom
Fridays 12-1:15p.m.
October 27- December 1, 2023
No Class November 24th.
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This program is supported, in part, by an allocation from the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City.

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