Holocaust and World War II Photo Timeline Activity

Jessica Rockhold
Midwest Center for Holocaust Education

Grade Level
7th-12th grade

Social Studies
Language Arts/Reading

Time Needed
1 class period – or add to it a little bit through your unit

Many students understand and internalize information more efficiently when they are able to visualize the history they are studying. This lesson is designed to help students understand the correlation of Holocaust events to WWII military events. The goal is to equip them with an accurate chronology but also to show them how the military war impacted and changed Nazi policy toward the Jews, how WWII in the Pacific may have impacted the news and information people were focusing on, and how long survivors remained homeless in the displaced persons camps following liberation.

Teacher Instructions
Timeline Answer Key
Dates for Posting
Holocaust Images without dates
WWII images without dates

To utilize the timeline without completing the lesson use these images with dates
Dates for Posting
Holocaust image with dates
WWII images with dates

Extension Options

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