MCHE Witnesses to the Holocaust Archive Curriculum

Jessica Rockhold
Midwest Center for Holocaust Education

Grade Level
7th-12th grade

Social Studies
Language Arts/Reading

Time Needed


This curriculum was written to supplement the use of the Witnesses to the Holocaust Archive video testimony in 7-12th grade classrooms. Survivor testimony, while a critical component in Holocaust education, should never be used without the historical context necessary for students to understand the experiences of people who lived through the Holocaust.

These teaching strategies and lessons adhere to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s recommended Guidelines for Teaching the HolocaustKansas and Missouri State Education Standards, and the Midwest Center for Holocaust Educations Core Concepts in Holocaust Education.

This Guide to the Archive Testimony allows users to search for specific survivors, types of experiences, locations survivors experienced during the Holocaust, and the length of the edited testimony.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the Archive
2. Introduction to the Archive Curriculum
3. Note on Holocaust Survivor Testimony

General Information About Teaching the Holocaust
4. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Definition and Guidelines
5. MCHE’s Core Concepts in Holocaust Education

Methods for Utilizing the Archive
6. Teaching the Holocaust in 3-5 Days
7. Utilizing Multiple Testimonies in a Classroom Activity
8. Building a Curriculum Around Local Survivor Resources

Student Worksheets and Activities
9. Survivor Testimony – Viewing Worksheet
10. Journaling and Discussion Questions
11. Geography of the Holocaust and Accompanying Maps
12. Primary Source Enrichment Activities – Student Worksheets
13. Primary Source Enrichment Activities – Teacher Answer Key
14. Internet-Based Enrichment Activities – Student Worksheets
15. Internet-Based Enrichment Activities – Teacher Answer Key
16. Teaching Units Available on the Internet

A. Profiles of Survivors featured in the Archive
B. Towns, Ghettos and Camps: Locations of Survivors
C. National Experiences of the Holocaust

D. Glossary of Terms
E. Timeline of the Holocaust
F. Evolution of Nazi Antisemitic Policy
G. Annotated Internet Resources for Teaching the Holocaust
H. Ten Misconceptions About the Holocaust
I. Kansas Education Standards Applicable to Holocaust Education
J. Missouri Education Standards Applicable to Holocaust Education

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