Night Lesson Plan

Rebecca Dalton
Blue Valley North High School
Overland Park, Kansas

Grade Level
High School

Social Studies
Language Arts/Reading

Time Needed
11 class periods

This unit was designed for teachers to use as much or as little of it as they need. Teachers should feel free to implement whatever aspects of the unit that they feel comfortable teaching and/or presenting.

The introduction to the Holocaust is in the PowerPoint presentation. Students should have a copy of the Notes Worksheet on which they will take notes over the presentation throughout the unit. I do not start Night until the students have background information through the third Core Concept: the Weimar Republic, which generally takes approximately two 50-minute sessions. I do not state this in the lesson plans, but throughout the lessons, obviously there is teacher-led discussion on the readings and activities. Lesson plans follow.

Complete Unit
Holocaust Lecture Powerpoint
Student Study Guide Notes Powerpoint

Individual Lessons Components
Introduction and Description of Lessons
Predicting ABC Vocabulary Lesson
Night Study Guide
Student Notes
Teacher Notes
Thinking Historically: 1932 Reichstag Election Activity
Literature Terms as found in Night
Persecution Cooperative Learning Activity
Persecution Cooperative Learning Activity KEY
Totalitarian State Timeline
Night Chapter Quizzes
Night Chapter Quizzes KEY
Night Test and KEY
First Person Singular Activity
Heroism Project
Extra Credit Video Project

USHMM Other Victims Booklets
Roma and Sinti
Jehovah’s Witnesses

This teaching unit was designed by a member of the Isak Federman Holocaust Teaching Cadre through MCHE’s Masters and Mentors Program. The Masters and Mentors Program was funded by the H&R Block Foundation, Bertha S. and Ida E. Adelson Memorial Fund, the Legacy Fund, and the Flo Harris Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City, the Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City, and the Oppenstein Brothers Foundation.

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