The Nuremberg Trials – A Teaching Activity

Arvel McElroy
Retired from Olathe South High School
Olathe, Kansas

Grade Level
High School

Social Studies
Gifted Education

Time Needed
To be determined by teacher

The Nuremberg project is part of an historical film studies class that I have written on World War II. The inclusion of the film Nuremberg and the examination of its historical accuracy are a vital part of the ultimate goal for the class. Much of what Americans know about history comes from their exposure to “Hollywood” films. Introducing the students to original documentation and oral histories, or transcripts of such histories, will assist them in evaluating the film’s accuracy and, ultimately, the process undertaken in the Military Tribunal commonly known as the Nuremberg Trials. In the process of evaluating the film, it is my intent to refine the students’ abilities to analyze, synthesize and evaluate historical documents.

The Entire Unit: Nuremberg Trials Teaching Unit
Complete Overview of Unit
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5

Evaluating Holocaust-Related Websites
Evaluating Holocaust-Related Websites
Nuremberg Film Review
Nuremberg – The Case Against the Defendant

The Subsequent Nuremberg Trials: An Overview

This teaching unit was designed by a member of the Isak Federman Holocaust Teaching Cadre through MCHE’s Masters and Mentors Program. The Masters and Mentors Program was funded by the H&R Block Foundation, Bertha S. and Ida E. Adelson Memorial Fund, the Legacy Fund, and the Flo Harris Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City, the Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City, and the Oppenstein Brothers Foundation.

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