Witnesses to the Holocaust Archive

The MCHE Witnesses to the Holocaust Archive features the testimonies of dozens of local survivors and other eyewitnesses to the Holocaust.
This collection is available in multiple formats, including the following:

This Guide to the Archive Testimony allows users to search for specific survivors, types of experiences, locations survivors experienced during the Holocaust, and the length of the edited testimony.

Students, scholars and interested members of the public are invited to utilize these resources.

For Classroom Use

Recently edited for classroom use, these video testimonies tie to the Core Concepts in Holocaust Education as recommended by MCHE. These testimonies were specifically edited for 7-12th grade classroom use and run in length from 20-45 minutes. DVDs are organized into thematic chapters for easy reference and classroom instruction. An accompanying curriculum includes suggested teaching approaches, specific classroom exercises and historical content to enhance these programs.

Generous support of the archive has been provided by:
  • Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City
  • Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City
  • Special consideration provided by Outpost Communications

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