Veesenmayer Telegram

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This paper is the print of a microfilm copy of documents held by the Department of State. The original is now available in the Federal Archive in Bonn and is in the public domain. This paper along with other Foreign Ministry documents was held in England under joint British/American custody. The reference number is:

Container 2722
Serial 5794
Frame E 421672



Budapest, 13 November 1944
Arrival (in Berlin) 13 November 1944
No. 3262 of 12 November

             Evacuation of Budapest Jews continues as planned, despite technical difficulties. According to information from SS. Lt. Col. EICHMANN, approximately 27,000 Jews of both sexes who are able to travel and work, have been sent off to Germany. It is estimated that there remain approximately 40,000 Jews who are able to work and who will be sent off at a daily rate of 2 to 4,000. There will remain approximately 120,000 Jews, including those who cannot work and children. These will be placed in a separate part of the city. About their fate, no final decision has as yet been made. However, (their fate) depends upon the possibility and availability of means of transport.



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