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The Witnesses to the Holocaust Archive features the testimonies of dozens of local survivors and other eyewitnesses to the Holocaust. This collection includes video testimonies collected in 1994 and audio testimonies collected in 2000.
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Adela Dagerman
Marianne Dennis
Maria Devinki
Regina Dollman
Gitla Doppelt
Dora Edelbaum
Gustave Eisemann
Ann Federman
Isak Federman
Isaac Feinsilver
June Feinsilver
Abe Flekier

Generous support of the archive has been provided by:

  • Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
  • David Woods Kemper Memorial Foundation
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City
  • Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City
  • Oppenstein Brothers Foundation
  • Outpost Worldwide
  • William T. Kemper Foundation

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