Holocaust History Videos

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War Refugee Board – Dr. Rebecca Erbelding
A World Behind Wire: The Nazi Camps and Ghettos
The Holocaust: Through Our Own Eyes – Classroom Version
The Holocaust: Through Our Own Eyes
Witnesses to the Holocaust – Liberation
Witnesses to the Holocaust – Kristallnacht
Witnesses to the Holocaust – Jewish Responses
Witnesses to the Holocaust – In Hiding
Witnesses to the Holocaust – Auschwitz
Witnesses to the Holocaust – Ghettos
Memorial Dedication – June 9, 1963
State Control and State Engagement with News Media: From the Nazis to Edward Snowden
Power of Film Images and the Holocaust
Female in the Fatherland: Imagery of Women and Girls in Nazi Propaganda
Building the Racial State
The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda during World War II and the Holocaust
From North Africa to Southeastern Europe: The Fate of the Sephardim in the Holocaust

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