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2018 Free Film Series

January ~ February  ~ March ~ April ~
7:00 p.m.

Social Hall
Jewish Community Campus
5801 West 115th Street
Overland Park, Kansas

Night Will Fall – March 21, 2018 

Using remarkable, recently discovered archive footage and testimony from both survivors and liberators, this film tells of the efforts made to document the almost unbelievable scenes that the Allies encountered on liberation. The film explores how a team of top filmmakers, including Sidney Bernstein, Richard Crossman and Alfred Hitchcock, came together to make a film to provide undeniable evidence of what the Allies found. However, due to emerging Cold War politics, the film was stopped in its tracks by the British Government and only now 70 years on, has it been completed. This film explains and contextualizes images previously seen, but not fully understood.

(Running Time: 75 minutes, English, Contains graphic footage)




Through dynamic solo performances combined with archival film and sound, professional actors from Living Voices, a nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington, will relate the history of marginalized groups in our country that continue to suffer from discrimination. Goals for each of these one-hour programs are to educate and to increase understanding and compassion.


Witnesses to the Holocaust Archive

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