Teaching about Nazi Propaganda: Lesson Plans & Resources

Rather than offering one lesson plan about propaganda, this page offers links to several great plans.
You will also find resources for instruction, such as:

  • primary sources that provide plentiful examples of propaganda
  • an online exhibit about propaganda
  • examples of U.S. propaganda during WWII

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need help.

Lesson Plans

Echoes & Reflections. Unit II: Antisemitism. Lesson 2: Nazi Antisemitic Ideology and Propaganda.
Note: Echoes & Reflections imbeds learning objectives concerning propaganda into its unit on antisemitism.
This student handout on Nazi propaganda and its companion worksheet are components of the lesson.

Museum of Tolerance: A Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum. (Lesson Plan.) Media Literacy: Propaganda Techniques in History and Today.
This lesson focuses on the Nazis’ use of propaganda to indoctrinate youth. It makes connections to the current use of propaganda.

USHMM. Holocaust Lesson Plans. Critically Analyzing Propaganda.
Adaptable for grades 7-12.

USHMM. Holocaust Lesson Plans. Analyzing Memes.
Adaptable for grades 7-12.

The Wiener Holocaust Library. The Holocaust Explained. Educational Resources: Childhood in Nazi Germany.
This lesson plan for middle and high school students asks students to analyze Nazi propaganda (primary sources) and consider Nazi policies and goals concerning young people.

Primary Sources

Link to MCHE – Resources – Primary Sources: Nazi Propaganda

Online Exhibitions
Home Front Propaganda

(U.S.) National Archives. Lesson Plan. “Powers of Persuasion – Poster Art of World War II.”

National World War II Museum. New Orleans. Online Exhibit: Allied Propaganda Posters of WWII.

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