September 10 – Power of Film Images and the Holocaust*


September 10 – Power of Film Images and the Holocaust*

Sharon Pucker Rivo, Co-Founder and Executive Director, National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University, presents an analysis of film propaganda – newsreels, documentary and narrative films – employed by the Third Reich in its campaign of genocide against the Jewish people, with emphasis on the importance of understanding the enormous power of the moving image.


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Image Left: Mjölnir [Hans Schweitzer], poster for the film Der ewige Jude (The Eternal or Wandering Jew), directed by Fritz Hippler, 1940. As part of its heightened wartime attack on Jews, the Ministry of Propaganda turned to motion pictures as a medium for antisemitic messages. Der ewige Jude, directed by the head of the Propaganda Ministry’s Film Division, was billed as a “documentary on world Jewry” that aimed at unmasking the alleged pernicious influence of the “parasitic” Jewish “race” on German society. Despite Goebbels’s efforts to promote it, the film was a box office failure.–US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Museum für Deutsche Geschichte

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