Auschwitz Speakers Series

Auschwitz Speakers Series

October 2021

October 26

Times Capsules Under the Rubble: the Ringelblum Archive in the Warsaw Ghetto

Union Station Kansas City
During World War II Jews resisted not only with guns but also with pen and paper. Even in the face of death they left “time capsules” full of documents that they buried under the rubble of ...
October 27

Jewish Resistance – Dr. Samuel Kassow

YouTube Livestream
While most accounts of Jewish resistance to the Nazis focus on the armed uprisings in ghettos and the exploits of Jewish partisans in the forests, in fact Jewish resistance took many others forms as well ...

November 2021

November 02

Never a Means to an End: How the Atrocities of the Holocaust Impact Modern Research

We are still learning lessons from the horrors of the Holocaust as we remember the past and redefine the present and future.  This lecture explores the human suffering that occurred as individuals were permanently harmed ...
November 09

From Nuremberg to Demjanjuk: Justice and the Trials of the Holocaust – Annual Kristallnacht Commemoration

Union Station Kansas City
This talk explores the era of the great trials of the Holocaust, beginning 75 years ago at Nuremberg and ending a decade ago with the conviction of John (Ivan) Demjanjuk in Munich. Professor Douglas will ...
November 18

Archaeology of the Holocaust: Treblinka and Bergen-Belsen

Dr. Sturdy Colls will present on her research as an archaeologist at the sites of Treblinka and Bergen-Belsen.Presented by the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education and Union Station Kansas City in support of the exhibition ...

December 2021

December 01

Our Mothers Were in Auschwitz – Three Daughters Remember

Union Station Kansas City
Members of MCHE’s Second Generation Speakers Bureau Alice Jacks Achtenberg, Regina Kort and Matilda Rosenberg share the experiences of their mothers Bronia Roslawowski, Sonia Warshawski, and Alegre Tevet. Presented by the Midwest Center for Holocaust ...

January 2022

January 24

Auschwitz and International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration

Union Station Kansas City
Annual International Holocaust Remembrance Day Observance Dr. Robert Jan van Pelt is one of the world’s leading experts on Auschwitz. He co-authored the award winning book, Auschwitz 1270 to the Present, with Dr. Debórah Dwork, ...
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