Professional Development

Professional Development

March 2021

March 02

Life and Resistance in the Camp

As the nature of the camp changed so too did the type of prisoners and the harshness of life within the camp. This session will look at the experience of those who lived and died in the Auschwitz complex.
March 09

Liberation and Aftermath

This session will look at the days leading up to liberation, the death marches out of it and who was left behind. It will unpack these now famous scenes of liberation and look at how this camp became so central to Holocaust memory.
March 16

Smoke Over Birkenau

In this session we will discussion the memoir by Holocaust survivor Liana Millu and relate her experience to what we have learned in the course so far.
March 24

The Last of the Unjust Zoom Discussion

More than twenty-five years after Shoah, this Claude Lanzmann film reveals a little-known yet fundamental aspect of the Holocaust, and sheds light on the origins of the “Final Solution” like never before.

April 2021

April 21

Line 41 Zoom Discussion

Line 41 documents a Holocaust and Lodz Ghetto survivor’s return back to today’s Lodz (Poland). Until now, Grossmann had repressed his desire to learn about the fate of his brother he lost contact with in 1942. 70 years later, Grossmann starts a search for his missing brother. His search crosses paths with Jens-Jürgen Ventzki, son of the former Nazi Head Mayor of Lodz. Ventzki is pursuing his family’s dark secret. In tracing their family histories, they inevitably confront each other.

May 2021

May 12

In the Monument Zoom Discussion

In the Monument examines the evolution of Holocaust inspired monument building in the last 70 years. With the help of world famous artists, scholars, architects we get to explore how monuments are made to endure and continue to resonate. Monuments, just like other pieces of public art, need to evolve and be ready for change. Presenting the last stage of the design competition for the Canadian Holocaust Monument and six shortlisted proposals, we get behind the scenes of what it’s like to represent the Holocaust with art and design.
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